Professor Zhang and Her Gua Sha Therapy

In 1989 Prof. Dong Jianhua and Prof. Jiang Liangduo, driving experts in Chinese medication, presented their involvement with utilizing scratching treatment to treat febrile illnesses at a worldwide clinical gathering interestingly. In 1991 Prof. Lii Jiru from Taiwan, came to the central area of China to show meridian scratching treatment directed by the meridian hypothesis of Chinese medication. This strategy is successful for different sicknesses and opens another way for avoidance and therapy of illnesses through normal treatment.

To foster this treatment, Teacher Zhang has concentrated on the remedial component and clinical activity of scratching treatment through com­bining the hypotheses of both Chinese and Western medication. The examinations have gotten help from Prof. Hao Wanshan, a main expert at the Beijing College of Customary Chinese Medication. He brought up: “Scratching treatment is a needle therapy expertise without entrance of the skin, a phlebotomy treatment without draining and a back rub without direct hand control. ” As per the me­ridian hypothesis of Chinese medication, microcirculatory speculations of Western medication and bioholographic hypothesis, Teacher Zhang methodicallly stud­ied and summed up the “meridian scratching treatment” and proposed the “holographic scratching treatment.”

Through training, Teacher Zhang summarized cryo machine service different controls reasonable for “holographic meridian scratching treatment,” utilizing explicit scratching plates (bison horn, jade prod­ucts) in mix with scratching oil to scratch the impacted pieces of the body surface and the holographic regions (focuses) for treatment and counteraction of illnesses. This makes scratching treatment easier and more powerful, and it is known as the “third era of scratching treatment” by experts at the China Foundation of Conventional Chinese Medication.

As well as expanding corrective impact, the new scratching ther­apy additionally helps the counteraction and diagnosing of illnesses, since it can find the idle neurotic changes in the human body. Di­agnosing sicknesses by holographic meridian scratching treatment is straightforward and direct, and needn’t bother with any cutting edge assessment gear. By utilizing this strategy diagnosing and treatment can be done simultaneously.

In October 1996 and November 1997, as a clinical expert from the military, Teacher Zhang went to the 31st Global Military Medication Meeting held in Beijing and the scholastic gathering in celebra­tion of the 10th commemoration of the World League of Needle therapy and Moxibustion Social orders, and treated preparing wounds on the spot with this treatment, with palatable outcomes. The logical na­ture of holographic meridian scratching treatment has been acknowl­edged by clinical experts from various nations.